Service Delivery 

  • Electronic Services: All our services are provided online via email, zoom or the Powerhaus app. 

Administration and Revisions 

  • Revisions and changes. If any changes occur to the project plans or specifications or other characteristics, Powerhaus Engineering reserves the right to amend fees. Powerhaus reserve the right to make a judgement about the nature of revisions. Typical fees are as follows:
    • Minor changes: updates to window and insulation values without new plans, costs start at $140+GST. 
    • Major changes: require new plans due to alteration in construction type or window size, costs start at $320+GST. 
    • Remodel: required for all layout changes, including moving any wall(s) or structural elements. Costs start at $400+GST. 
  • Certification Reissue: Costs for reissuing compliance certificates are $150+GST (not including revisions or changes)
  • Missed Meetings: A $60 fee applies if a scheduled meeting is missed without two hours prior notice.
  • Project Meetings: Consist of a phone call or online session that is at 20min and costed at $120+GST, additional time is billed in 15 minute increments at $50+GST/15min. This includes assistance develop building specifications.
  • Construction Elements: Our thermal modelling packages include up to 12 construction types in a project total, covering walls, floors, roof and windows. Where there are non-standard construction details or more than 12 construction types. A $60+GST fee will apply per additional detail.  
  • Revise report on heating, cooling & solar sizing: If a revision of the report on heating, cooling, solar sizing & energy is required a fee of $220+GST is applicable (this does not include any costs associated with modifying the thermal model).
  • Additional Services: Where work outside of these categories is requested or needed it is charged at $165/hr+GST. An indication may be given of the time taken however unless a fixed price is quoted in writing hourly rates apply.

Powerhaus App 

  • Access: Access is granted primarily to the designer or building professional. The onus lies with this individual should access be sought by another party.
  • Hosting: Hosting spans 3 months initially, extendable to 6 months on request, additional charges may apply. Long term hosting is not guaranteed  or implied, however can be arranged subject to costs.

Invoicing & Payment Terms

  • Stage-based Invoicing: Invoicing is segmented into two stages: “Design” stage and “Compliance” stage.  Within each stage, the provision of the first service component prompts invoicing for all the services in that stage.  In simpler terms, when a service in a stage is delivered the bundle of services in that stage is invoiced. 
  • Add on services: Additional services requested will be invoiced when requested before undertaking the service.  
  • Due Date: Payments are due within 7 days of invoicing, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • Service Withholding: We reserve the right to withhold reports for outstanding payments.
  • Appreciation: Prompt payment is appreciated and essential for efficient service delivery. Contact us for any questions or clarifications.

Compliance and Solutions

  • Performance Solution: This alternative compliance method is suggested for complex designs and is not available in NSW or with the Powerhaus App-only package.
  • Discounts: Packages including design stages come with a 10% upfront discount on the package only.
  • Compliance Disclaimer: We strive for accuracy but can’t guarantee compliance, especially if required changes are not made. We’re not liable for any costs or issues arising from our advice or errors.


  • Limitation of Liability: Powerhaus Engineering shall not be liable for any damage suffered by The Client resulting from the use of provided materials in the requested service. The Client shall indemnify Powerhaus Engineering against any third party claims arising from employment of materials in the requested service. After the expiration of one (1) Calendar Year from the date of receipt of the final invoice by The Client, Powerhaus Engineering shall be discharged from all liability regarding the requested services described in the Scope of Proposed Work.
  • Fee Proposal: Valid for 14 days from the date of issue, Powerhaus Engineering reserves the right to make amendments after this date. The proposal relies on information provided by the client and may be subject to variations if the information varies at any stage.
  • Information; Powerhaus Engineering relies on the information provided by client and will deliver services based on this information. The client is liable if any issues or subsequent cost arise from this information changing.