Consultants who understand buildings

 We don’t just do paperwork. We look at the whole picture to get the best outcome for your project.

We’re solutions-focused. Our cutting-edge tools and clear metrics allow you to embrace innovative design without compromising your vision.

We’re engineers and scientists. Our team are experts at achieving sustainable design, backed by experience, data and scientific insight.

Work with our team of energy efficiency consultants

Large solar passive apartment building with energy efficiency consulting

Build better outcomes for every project

Residential energy efficiency consulting

  • Energy efficiency rating
  • NatHERS assessments
  • Heating and cooling systems advice

Multi-unit energy efficiency consulting

  • Multi-unit apartment energy rating
  • Townhouses energy rating

Commercial energy rating

  • JV3 analysis
  • Custom building detailing and moisture modelling

We've created Australia's first energy efficiency home design app

Optimise your build’s energy rating and visualise design choices  instantly with our interactive tool. 

“Real-time performance feedback at your fingertips. The Powerhaus App is revolutionising whole of home sustainability.” 

– Anthony Knobel, Anthony Knobel Architecture

Image of a computer screen with the Powerhaus app mockup on screen.

Ask us about

  • Custom wall system detailing
  • Air-tightness and passive house detailing
  • Condensation detailing
  • Your best path to compliance
  • Thermal performance
  • Getting to 7 stars
  • Net zero and zero carbon
  • Embodied carbon
  • Wall wraps and vapour permeability
  • Passive solar design and comfort ratings

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