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Reach energy efficiency standards with better outcomes. Eliminate guesswork and costly revisions with early indications of compliance requirements.

Push boundaries while staying within regulations. We provide clear metrics that allow you to embrace innovative design without compromising compliance.

Build a reputation for green excellence. Our app empowers you to make informed decisions, satisfy clients, and navigate sustainability challenges effortlessly. 

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Your house energy rating will change with NCC 2022

Two major updates in the NCC 2022 will affect how we model buildings, including energy efficiency provisions and condensation management.

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Your pathway to energy rating success

1. Design onboarding

You bring us up to speed on your  building, details and rough design. We ensure our process and outcomes are adapted to you.

2. Preliminary energy rating

We complete a thermal model on your plans and provide an initial estimate of how your design performs.

3. Optimise with data

You test your design performance with our app to reach your optimal house energy rating.

4. Detailed consult

We guide you through the complexities of compliance, while you focus on finalising your creative vision.

5. Fast certification

Once your design is complete, your house energy rating is ready for fast compliance. No revisions required.

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We empower architects, designers and building professionals to achieve better energy ratings.

We become part of your team, equipping you with innovative data and insight to design for a future, where buildings aren’t just structures, but beacons of efficiency, comfort, and environmental harmony.



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We service all cooler areas of Australia: ACT, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.

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Have some questions?

Why choose Powerhaus?

We’re Australia’s leading house energy rating consultants because we don’t just tick boxes.

– We’re climate focused
– We use data to help you make informed decisions
– We are interested in the best solutions, for your design, your budget and the planet
– We are scientists, assessors and engineers who understand buildings

What is the best way to get my home certified?

Each state has different requirements for getting your home certified.

If you want to get your new build or renovation certified, meeting the requirements as early as possible in your plans will avoid costly revisions and wasted time down the track. Request a quote to get started with your home certification or give us a call to discuss your needs.

What energy rating do I need?

The minimum required energy ratings are changing around Australia. The new National Construction Code (NCC 2022) requires new houses to reach 7 stars energy efficiency. Each state will adopt this change at different times – read our summary of NCC 2022 adoption dates.

Your house energy rating measures how comfortable your house is and how much added heating and cooling it will need throughout the year to remain comfortable. The higher your star rating, the more sustainable, comfortable and bill-free your home will be.

What if my design doesn’t comply?

That’s what we’re here for. We’ll identify all the options available to you to increase your house energy rating and reach the minimum required 6 stars, 7 stars, or your desired level of performance. 

In fact, we built Australia’s first home energy efficiency design app that makes reaching your house energy rating as simple as possible.

What if my plans change?

We’d be surprised if they didn’t. That’s why we incorporate one round of changes into our quote. Further changes and updates are prioritised to help you get your approvals finalised as quickly as possible.

Why should I care about an energy rating?

Houses built now will likely be around for another 50-100 years. By creating a high-rating house, you’re creating a long-lasting asset for the future. In addition, buildings with a high house energy rating can:

– Decrease energy bills and increase energy resilience
– Meet most of their energy needs through solar (and get off fossil fuels)
– Have better indoor air quality
– Remain healthy and mould-free
– Increase living comfort and resistance to extreme fire or rainfall

What is the best energy rating for a house?

The highest possible house energy rating is 10 stars. However, Australia’s colder climates, including Melbourne, Canberra and southern NSW, are challenging and struggle to reach 10 stars. We find that around 7.5 to 8 stars is the sweet-spot for a cost-effective build in colder climates. 

Can you help me reach 8 stars?

Yes! We love to help people build high-rating and high-performing homes. Our service for new homes includes access to our innovative energy efficiency design app, so you can identify the best ways to improve your design and house energy rating. 

Will my house be comfortable?

“The less efficient a building, the greater the temperature difference between your skin and the temperatures of the walls, windows, doors, floors and ceilings. It is the temperature differences between you and the building which causes discomfort.” – Robert Bean

Generally, if your house is reaching around 7.5 to 8 stars, you will need very little heating and cooling to be comfortable. If comfort is important to you, we recommend reaching out to us as early as possible to ensure you get the best house energy rating results for your design, your budget and the planet.

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