Strategy call

Wondering about how to work with us or getting the most from your build? Our team are here to help with energy efficiency problems, big or small. Book a call with us to find out how we help.

Book a strategy call with an energy efficiency expert

Let’s talk energy efficiency! Our team are here to chat about how to get the most out of your next design: saving money while increasing comfort and sustainability.

Top reasons people book a call

  • Show me the Powerhaus app
  • Discuss a commercial project requirements 
  • Reach NatHERS 7 stars with a design
  • Discuss how we work with design teams
  • Advice on the right energy efficiency compliance pathway
  • Increase the energy efficiency rating of a design
  • Advice on the most cost-effective energy efficiency choices 
  • Advice on condensation and moisture in specific building details 
  • Advice on heating and cooling systems 
  • Review air-tightness details