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Instant energy performance feedback. Easily visualise how design choices impact comfort, energy efficiency and NatHERS ratings.

Engage clients with data-driven insight. Allow them to actively participate in the sustainability journey with clear metrics.

Set yourself apart with cutting-edge sustainable design advice. Save time, reduce stress, and confidently navigate sustainable design, backed by our expert guidance and insight. 

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Activate energy trade-offs that align with your architectural vision

The Powerhaus app simplifies your design process by providing instant energy performance feedback. Once your plans are in the app, you can configure your build for improved sustainability without compromising your design.

  • Visualise the impact of design choices instantly
  • Reach improved star ratings with your award-winning designs
  • Make more informed decisions, faster


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What does the Powerhaus app do?

The Powerhaus app facilitates the design of energy-efficient and sustainable homes. It provides instant feedback on how architectural choices influence energy performance, helping users optimise their home design for comfort, reduced energy bills, and a higher NatHERS star rating.

Can the Powerhaus app help me achieve a higher NatHERS star rating?

Absolutely. The app gives instant feedback on energy performance, allowing you to make informed decisions to enhance the star rating of your design, potentially beyond the 6-star or 7-star standards required in most Australia.

How can I get access to the app?

Currently we use the app with our Powerhaus clients, request a quote to get started or give us a call to discuss your needs.

We are working on launching the updated app for independent use, register here to be the first to access.

When should I use the Powerhaus app?

You should use the Powerhaus app during the early design stages of your new build or renovation project. This timing allows you to make the most of the app’s capabilities to assess and enhance your home’s energy performance, achieve a higher NatHERS star rating, and ensure your design aligns with your sustainability goals. It’s also beneficial to use the app whenever you’re considering design changes to evaluate their impact on energy efficiency and your overall climate footprint.

How is this different from a NatHERs star rating?

While a NatHERS star rating is a static number rating the energy efficiency of a home based on its design, without actionable insights. The Powerhaus app is an interactive platform, that provides you with actionable insights so that you can see how to achieve or exceed a desired star rating, and compare real-time, how different options will affect the cost and comfort of a design.

Does the Powerhaus app help me understand my climate impact?

Yes, by optimizing your home design for energy efficiency and sustainability, the Powerhaus app helps you understand and reduce your climate impact. It guides you towards creating a home that consumes less energy and can potentially meet its energy needs through renewable sources like solar power.

Does the Powerhaus app assist with solar system sizing and energy trade-offs?

Yes, the app includes features to help size solar systems appropriate for your home and visualise the impact of various design decisions on your energy consumption. You can also assess the impact of your heating and cooling choices on your energy demand, and plan for charging an EV. 

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We listened to our clients and heard the frustration of the energy efficiency rating process: it can be tedious, compromise the design and result in costly building upgrades.

The Powerhaus app is a web dashboard that allows you to improve the energy efficiency and design of your home, and make decisions about cost, comfort and carbon.

Our solution to faster, simpler energy efficiency ratings

Instead of complex modelling tools, we give you an easy-to-use web dashboard that you control. 

Choosing window types? See the impact on the star rating straight away. Changing the design? See which changes will increase or decrease the energy efficiency.

Powerhaus app used on a 3D drawing of an energy efficient house.

Design the best possible energy efficient home

  • Take the guess work, uncertainty and gut-feel out of design changes to show the real time impact on star rating to give you clarity to make informed decisions with your client
  • Quality-check solar and heating and cooling supplier quotes for accuracy
  • Bring the client, trades, designer and energy efficiency assessor together
  • Get to 7 stars energy efficiency faster and simpler

How it works

1. Send us your draft plans. The earlier in the process the better. Plans need to be marked up with dimensions, zones, relevant elevations and include approximate window sizes.

2. We’ll create an energy model of the design of the home. This will be a NatHERS energy efficiency model.

3. Get started optimising your design! You’ll get a notification when your job is loaded and ready to view, using your custom login.

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We’re so convinced that our process will help you, we offer a money–back guarantee on your first preliminary energy efficiency rating with app access.

If it’s not the most helpful sustainability platform you’ve used, we’ll refund your money – no questions asked.

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