Dec 2022

Why do you need an energy rating?

Are you building or renovating and thinking, why do I need an energy rating? On one level it’s a simple answer – but that's not the whole story.

House plans with energy rating stars on top.


Are you building or renovating and thinking, why do I need an energy rating? On one level it’s a simple answer: energy efficiency ratings are mandatory for all new builds and renovations around Australia.

But that’s not the whole story.

There’s a whole host of other, far more important, reasons why you should invest in the energy rating process. Working with the Powerhaus team can help you:

  • Control and lower your future electricity bills
  • Ensure comfortable temperatures in your home, and a healthy home
  • Manage the cost to build
  • Plan for the future ­– build in resilience to climate change and lower your emissions

You can use the energy rating process to transform your health, wellbeing, safety and finances. We know, that’s a HUGE claim –  so hear us out.

Future-proof your energy bills

Without planning, your home could require a lot of–increasingly expensive­–heating and cooling to keep it comfortable. No-one wants those $1,000+ winter quarter surprise electricity bills. With an optimised energy rating, and sensible system advice, you can get rid of big electricity bills – forever. We call this a Powerhaus.

A comfortable and healthy home year-round

A poorly rating home without thought to building details will be too cold, too hot, and prone to mould and condensation. That means always running your heating or cooling systems, it contributes to respiratory illnesses, allergies and asthma. Optimising your home for comfort through the energy rating process ensures you’ll have a healthy, light-filled home. Not only that, but you’ll have those intangible joys–like curling up in winter sunlight with a good book.

Manage the cost to build/renovate

A poorly rating home can require expensive upgrades to windows and building details to get to the minimum standard. A good energy rating can help you identify those challenges early and optimise your design to minimise your build cost. Your energy assessor can help you identify where to get the best return on investment when upgrading your home.

Plan for the future

The truth is, energy costs are rising and everywhere around Australia is being subject to increasing weather extremes: bushfires, floods, dust-storms, heatwaves. There are simple design optimisations you can make to your home to make it safer, despite the changing climate. They also have an upside – they’ll radically lower your home’s carbon emissions.  These may not be covered with every energy rater out there ­– but we see them as crucial to ensuring that every home is safe and designed for the future.

The real reason you should go through the energy rating process, is that it gives you a huge opportunity to control and decide on the future comfort, resilience, and energy-savings in your home – for life.

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